It's early Summer high in the mountains somewhere on the continent, the last of the snow is melting to form trickles in the ground. 
We make a dash for the heights of this wild landscape where  views from your dreams can be found.  
We follow the water gradually down the mountain as streams start to gather intensity. 
Going with the flow of this former snow it's now our time to rise in ferocity. 

Leaping into torrents we surge through the canyon with adrenaline leading the pack.
What started as a gentle stroll in the hills is now a challenge with no way back. 

We are here to push our personal boundaries and experience first hand, 
how this once gentle force, now powers through ancient land....

TEAM SIZE: 6-10 RAIDERS - June/July 2018 - £685pp

All professional guiding and equipment provided, no experience necessary. You do need to be able bodied, able to swim, be ready to smash your fear of heights and be ready for a challenge.

Included - Experienced Guides - All Specialist Equipment - All food and drinks - Accommodation (Wildcamping) - All ground transport - An expanded comfort zone 

Not Included - Flights (roughly £100) - Personal Clothing (list will be provided) 

This is a wild trip of contrast that will be as relaxing as it is exhilarating. 

This is one Europe's most beautiful wild places.

This is one of Europe's best canyoning experiences.

This is the Cascade Raid.

Are you ready?