Before Unknown Epic

We met at Uni and became good friends. When we left Uni, it was operation get jobs which we did quite successfully. Kim was working for a digital media agency in Brighton with big international clients and Jake was designing yachts in Monaco. In the eyes of the world we had become successful, but something didn't feel right. After speaking about this for a while we decided a change was needed. We pulled out a map of the south of France and put an X on the map as far away from roads and civilisation as we could find. Little did we know this X was about to change the course of history...

The Beginning

On an adventure we were blissfully under prepared for we found out that the X on the map was the top of a 9000 foot snow capped mountain. But what an adventure, what a buzz. The feeling of pure bliss beat any festivals and partying. These were the new buzzes.

We were hooked and were wondering why more people weren't going on adventures? We found there were barriers. Where to go? What kit? Don't you need to be Bear Grylls? We overcame these and wanted to help other people do the same. We decided to quit our jobs and leap into the unknown, starting Unknown Epic with the mission to enable more people to go on epic adventures, expand their comfort zone and reignite the childlike wonder and imagination of being a kid wandering in the woods. 
And the best bit is you have no idea where you are going!

A small poem sometimes being the only clue, allowing your imagination to do the rest. Giving special attention to aesthetics and finding forgotten corners of the great outdoors. Collecting moments not things has become the goal for Unknown Epic and the team members that join. 


Since 2015 the Unknown Epic team have received support and collaborated with some of the greatest teams on earth. Jumped off waterfalls in the Pyrenees, climbed mountains in the Alps and created unique team building trips to thousand year old castles in the Dolomites. Using planet earth as the theme park, we aim to encourage everyone to make life a wonderful adventure.

Would just like to say a big thank you to yourselves, unknown epic has pushed.... Smashed* boundaries I never would have thought possible. Hats off to you guys, this strange sense of achievement is priceless.
— Donnie
Great 3 days with the Unknown Epic guys... Blood, blisters, wolfs, unreal scenery, giant mushrooms and poo’s with a view. Really has been epic!
— Danny
Top few days, loved it! Hopefully free for another epic adventure in the near future.
— Gavin
This Adventure has changed my life! I feel like a different person, absolutely fantastic!! What an adventure!! Loved it so much thanks!
— Anthoney

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